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Gleamin’ Glazin’ Window Cleaning. 

Terms & Conditions.

1st cleans are charged at the 8 weekly price + 50% due to extra time taken on glass, frames & sills. Also the use of chemicals if necessary. 

Regular cleans are offered on a 4 weekly or 8 weekly basis. 

8 weekly cleans are 20% more than 4 weekly.

If you are on 4 weekly schedule and miss a clean your next clean will be charged as an 8 weekly clean

If you are on 8 weekly and miss a clean your next clean will be charged as a 1st clean. This is because it takes longer to clean your windows if you miss a clean.

Always assume I’m coming once you receive your text regardless of the weather forecast. Water fed pole can be done in poor conditions. If the weather gets too bad for me to work in I will send a text to cancel and reschedule. Cleans carried out in poor weather still carry the 72 hour guarantee so you can’t lose out. 

Courtesy text messages are sent the afternoon or evening before your clean is due. These messages are not an invitation to cancel a clean. They are sent to let you know I’m coming and gates can be unlocked for when I arrive and I am not kept waiting. Also if there is any dog mess it can be cleared away. The text message means I am coming but if for any reason I can’t I will let you know by a further text. 

I am only able to say I will be with you AM, Lunchtime or PM.  If you want to book a specific time it will be £3.00 extra. 

I accept no responsibility for any damage to property such as plant pots or garden ornaments that are within my working area. (The working area is from the border of your property and extends to anywhere that I or my hose has to go to enable me to get to windows.)

Please ensure my working area is also free from any dog or cat  mess as if this gets onto my equipment it can easily transfer to my hands and it’s a health hazard. If a garden is covered with dog mess I will be unable to clean that area. 

If I can’t clean the back of your house due to locked gates or any part of it due to dog mess I will charge 50% of the full price or the minimum of £10.00 whichever is greater. If this occurs again I will charge 100% of the price. 

Windows should be accessible to clean without moving things like plant pots on the floor or on window sills. These items will be cleaned around as best as possible.  The same applies to plants or bushes growing over or in front of windows. Again these will be cleaned as well as possible.

In the event of you being dissatisfied with the clean, please notify me within 72 hours. If you do this I will gladly re-visit and rectify problems where possible. If the issue is inside or within the double glazing, therefore, not accessible to me, I will charge £10 for visiting so please be sure the problem is on the outside. If I don’t hear from you within 72 hours it is presumed the clean was satisfactory and I will message you prior to your next clean. 

I accept no responsibility for windows that are in a poor state of repair such as leaking frames,  putty falling out, lead becoming unglued or sill end caps falling off. 

Payment is by Cash, Card or BACS  and should be made within 5 days of the clean.

Alternatively you can sign up for Go Cardless in which case once signed up you don’t have to do anything as payment will be collected automatically and leave your account 5-7 days after the clean. 

Prices are subject to annual review. 

These terms are not exhaustive and are subject to addition and/or amendment at any time.