About Me

Hi, I’m Andy and I run Gleamin’Glazin’ window cleaning. When I started the company l knew it needed to offer great service and quality results at competitive rates.

Feedback from my customers tells me I’m moving in the right direction and delivering a service that people are very happy with.

So, what’s so special about this purified water method?

If you have ever splashed tap water on your windows you will have noticed it dried with lots of spots. That’s because there are lots of solids dissolved in tap water, When the H2O bit evaporates it leaves behind all those previously dissolved solids as spots on the glass.

Purifying the water removes all these solids so when the water dries, HEY PRESTO! nothing left behind.

Window cleaning can be booked for 4 or 8 weekly cleans and will be carried out in rain as well as fine weather as Water Fed Pole cleaning is not affected by it. The 3 day spots and smears guarantee applies so in the unlikely event of a poor finish I will rectify any affected windows.

Additional services
gutter emptying service.

Blocked gutters and downspouts are not only annoying they can lead to serious damage to your home

I can keep your gutters flowing by using an industrial vacuum cleaner to remove debris such as moss and accumulated dirt from within.

This means I can do the job safely and generally don’t need to use ladders or walk on any tiled roofs and can reach awkward gutters such as those over conservatories.

Fascia,Soffit & Gutter cleaning.

First impressions count.


Clean fascias, soffits and gutters really make a huge difference to your home whether you purely take pride in it, or are looking to sell.

Get these areas cleaned and your house will look amazing.